3 Mile Radius is journey through chicken shops, classrooms and nightclubs set to an evocative soundscape.

Told from the perspective of a stoned girl bound to her postcode these stories of first pills, first kisses and questionable hip hop lyrics are her realisations that mistakes made in adolescence lasted longer than she imagined.

3 Mile Radius was first released as a spoken word and music EP in November 2012 via record label Emerging Species.
In 2014 3 Mile Radius was redeveloped as a theatre show fusing spoken word, music and live visuals.

Written and performed by Talia Randall
Live Musicians Elian Gray, Jamie Payne
Live Visuals by Eyes on the Wall
Directed by Rachel Blackman
Set Design India Banks
Produced by Molly Nicholson

Supported by Arts Council England

“Talia walks the tightrope between nostalgia and what matters now like someone with an equal respect for craft and a need to play. And someone who is f***ing brilliant at walking tightropes”


“Talia’s voice is strong and distinctive and her verses have many moments of wit, humour and humanity”



Annexe Magazine