“Weaving high-octane comedy with more contemplative moments…playful… fascinating”. ****

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Groom by Charley Genever

Friday 20th September, Stamford Arts Centre.

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If we only see ourselves through the eyes of other people, what’s left?

Groom is a visceral, vulnerable & funny exploration of the things women do to their bodies in the name of beauty.

Written & performed by Charley Genever, devised with & directed by Talia Randall



Really excited to have been selected for Uni-Slam’s first ever post-emerging project along with 13 other writers. A deficit of development opportunities exists for mid-career writers in the UK. While support programmes and resources for ‘emerging’ artists and those under the age of 26 are available in certain regions, for poets who have left the emerging stage or aged-out of support projects, little is available aside from increasingly expensive university degree programmes.

Super hyped about this babes