Cassette Tape Radio

Episode 3 has arrived hon. Today’s show is Called ‘Desperate Island Disks’ (lol) & features a story about the playlists you make for sex times.

Cassette Tape Radio is written and presented by Talia Randall. Music and audio engineering by Jamie Payne. You can listen on apple, stitcher, spotify and more so get subscribing.

CW: talking about sex, with funny, silly and awkward moments and one or two slightly darker moments.

For a transcript of this episode go to: https://taliarandall.com/2020/03/28/cassette-tape-radio/


‘What Words Are Ours’ has sadly been cancelled

My beloved poetry-cabaret was due to return on May 7th 2020 at Free Word Centre in London. Like many other shows in the coming weeks and months we decided it was safest to cancel / postpone in light of the Covid 19 pandemic.

I hope to bring this show back in 2020. We will see how things unfold.

Sending love and calm strength to you all x