Cassette Tape Radio

#9 – 29 Dreams

It’s a weird one this week, a proper weird one in which I tell you about 29 of my deeply strange dreams.

Like the time I dreamt that Mel Gibson was trying to play Super Mario with me in a windowless room, or when I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby made of paperclips. Buckle up babes, its wild.

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What Words Are Ours?

What Words Are Ours? live show cancelled BUT…

in collaboration with Free Word I’ve created a special podcast episode (TRANSCRIBED) featuring all things What Words Are Ours? Expect recordings from live shows, brand new poems and a bunch of some of the UK’s most exciting contemporary poets.

We’ll also be sharing some Visual Vernacular (VV) and BSL interpreted poetry videos. Watch ‘A Hero’s Legacy’, a VV piece by Ish’s VV World that I commissioned for the project. If you’re new to VV or just want to learn more about Ish’s process check this 3-minute interview. More videos arriving in the coming weeks so keep an eye out.