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#11 – winegod

“What is queer time? What is queer space?” Oberon White.

This episode I offer you something from another artist, a piece called ‘Prophylaxis’ by Oberon White, a performance artist who is a regular fixture on London’s queer underground cabaret scene.

The excerpt you’re about to hear is from Oberon’s show winegod, which traced the ancientness of queer identity and grappled with the erasure of queer history.

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What Words Are Ours?

What Words Are Ours? has gone digital

My beloved poetry party What Words Are Ours – a show that celebrates D/deaf and hearing artists can’t be performed live right now BUT I’m still bringing you films, podcasts and more that showcase some incredible artists

I’ve created a special podcast episode (TRANSCRIBED) featuring all things What Words Are Ours? Expect recordings from live shows, brand new poems and a bunch of some of the UK’s most exciting contemporary poets.

I’m excited to share a Visual Vernacular (VV) piece by Ish’s VV World called A Hero’s Legacy

Plus a poem of mine called Household  has been interpreted into a stunning BSL piece by Mia Ward and Becky Barry

All this has been commissioned by me for What Words Are Ours? in collaboration with Free Word and funding via Arts Council England. There will be more to come so stay tuned.