Cassette Tape Radio

Working on Season 2 of the podcast

Have you been listening to Cassette Tape Radio? It’s weird isn’t it.

Was your favourite episode the one where I interviewed the literal Godfather of Hip Hop, or the one where I read out all the inexplicable notes I’ve found in my phone. My favourite is the song about fax machines (thank you Jamie Payne for the music).

I’ve hidden myself away to conjure ideas for Season 2 (let me know what you want me to cover babes). See you soon.

Remember, every episode of the podcast is transcribed, you can read them all here.


What Words Are Ours?

What Words Are Ours? has gone digital

What Words Are Ours? is show that showcases Deaf, Hard of Hearing and hearing artists on the same stage. My beloved poetry cabaret show can’t be performed live right now BUT I’ve got some lush stuff to keep you going till we can meet IRL again.

Check out this playlist of BSL interpreted poem films, this Visual Vernacular piece, some captioned clips from a recent zoom show (coming soon) and this special podcast episode (Transcribed) for all things What Words Are Ours? 

Big love to Free Word, Trinity Bristol and The Gulbenkian who’ve worked with me to move What Words Are Ours? online. And without public funding via Arts Council England none of this would be possible. There will be more to come so stay tuned babes.