What Words Are Ours?

A thigh-slapping, tear-jerking poetry cabaret.

Created and hosted by poetry-clown Talia Randall, What Words Are Ours? is a Deaf inclusive poetry and comedy project. From live shows featuring a kaleidoscope of performances, to BSL led videos ‘What Words Are Ours’ showcases comedians, BSL poets, cabaret artists, visual vernacular performers and rising stars of the spoken word scene.


Digital Projects

In addition to high energy zoom shows beamed into your living room, we’ve also created poetry films for What Words Are Ours? Check out this playlist of BSL interpreted poem films, this Visual Vernacular piece, some captioned clips from a recent zoom show (coming soon).

Also for your enjoyment babes is this special podcast episode featuring all things What Words Are Ours? The podcast is transcribed

Live Shows

What Words Are Ours? has welcomed sold out audiences since 2017. Previous performers include Raymond Antrobus, Jackie Hagan, Rachel Long, Kayo Chingonyi, Ruth Sutoyé, Ginger Johnson, Amani Saeed, Zoë McWhinney, Reece Lyons, Zia Ahmed, Sign Kid, Dean Atta, Jack Rooke, Bayan Goudarzpour, RhysPieces, Jamal Mehmood, Oberon White, Koko Brown, Ish, Hannah Silver and many more. BSL interpreters have included Jaqui Beckford, Martin Fox-Roberts and Becky Barry. Previous captioners were Claire Hill and Katy Ryder



Interested to know more about some of the Deaf artists we’ve worked with? Check out this interview with Vilma Jackson


Also for your enjoyment is this special podcast episode featuring all things What Words Are Ours? Made in collaboration with Free Word. The podcast is transcribed