Cassette Tape Radio

Playful, experimental and weird audio from Talia Randall

Here I am, throwing another podcast onto the ever growing pile while the world burns.

Cassette Tape Radio mashes together disparate elements to create a weirdo mixtape. Anything from comedy sketches, to poems and heated interviews. I might even record a conversation with my dad about politics (only joking).

First episodes include a rap about fax machines, an essay about the sex playlist you make for your one night stands and an introduction to brand new musical genre I’ve created (#ElectroKrud).

Listen on apple, spotify, sticher and other other platforms. Or just click on the player on the left and away we go!

Transcript to episodes are available

Cassette Tape Radio is an open sketchbook. A place for all the silly, shy and strange ideas that keep me up at night (well actually, my unprocessed trauma and anxiety keep me up at night but hey).

The podcast is written and presented by me (Talia Randall). Music and audio engineering by Jamie Payne.