An inventory of everything I have ever misheard or misread due to my dyslexia (nb: list incomplete and ongoing)

by Talia Randall



/ dis’leksia


a genera          l term fo involve r disorders that in learning difficulty to read or words interpret, letters and other symbols, but do not affect that intelligence general


dear whiteness, please be quiet 

this is an arsehole free area

wheat free men of the space vagina

get us past the chicken barrier

delicious morons await

at destination: seinfeld

batman’s got legs

his lips were a cowboy’s holster

I lost my virginity to a roast chicken

in an egg friendly restaurant

amelie makes sausages in the a.m.

with a hand worn kebab

the leaf is a little boy

the man is a man made pork pie

lets go to the banana courthouse baby

and see the indecent response unit