Highlights & reflections from 2019

Anyone else feel like every time you do an arts application it’s like you’re gouging out your slimy entrails, holding them up & saying ‘money for this please’, or is it just me?

K, thats a tad dramatic but still, as I plan out the next few years of projects it’s hard not to feel exposed & angsty. Deep into the January blues & with the taxman around the corner its easy to forget last year’s achievements.

<Some photos of some achievements from last year>

I’m always thinking about the usefulness of art, about how it can best serve people & about the duty an artist has to audiences. But its easy to get distracted by these lofty goals when you’re scrambling for money to make the projects happen.

Sometimes I feel like I’m just beginning, like I’m just on the precipice of something wild & exciting, my ‘big break’ just round the corner (instead of the taxman).

Other times I think I’m about to run of steam; maybe I should give it all up? Isn’t the money gonna run out soon (especially in the current political climate?) Will dealing with rejections get any easier?

<Am I really small or is the audience really big?>

But last year was brilliant for us in so many ways. We bid a celebratory goodbye to my rowdy little baby Question Time Cabaret & our D/deaf inclusive poetry knees up What Words Are Ours? really came into its own through a year of being the Sackler Space’s Associate Artist at Roundhouse.

My producer Emilie Labourey & I also launched a ‘Talia Randall Studio Lab’, a project that supports young artists with strategy & fundraising as well as with creative vision. We had the chance to work with Chloë Florence, Kirk-Ann Roberts & Reece Lyons for the first round of this project.

Last year my shows & projects directly involved 1200 audience members, 360 workshop participants, 75 artists & 45 teachers. Indirectly, my work reached thousands more.

If you came to a show, told a friend to come or took part in a workshop big thanks to you, hope to see you again soon.

If I’m ever gonna give this up, it wont be just yet.

What about 2020?

This year I’ve got a lot more planned – brand new projects, returning favourites & weird experiments.

Wanna join in? Stay tuned hon, I’m going to make some announcements in the coming weeks.

<Here I am looking like your granddad but sexier>